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Roof Hail Damage

San Antonio, TX 


Hail storms can happen anywhere, and in some cases, they leave behind some serious damage. The wind direction and severity as well as the size and density of the hailstones impact the degree of damage inflicted. It’s also important to keep in mind that different types of building materials are impacted differently. 

After a major storm, if you suspect hail may have damaged your home, it’s important to document what you can and schedule an inspection with us. Roofing damage; dents; cracks; and breaks in windows, screens, and doors are all common. Our roofing contractors can inspect the roof, help with your insurance claim, and recommend any necessary repairs. 
Hail damage roof repair San Antonio TX


Roof hail damage can range from mild to severe. On traditional asphalt shingles you may notice dark spots, bruising, or visible cracks. 

In some cases simple repair is an option, but in others an entire roof replacement is recommended. Our roofing hail damage specialists can quickly determine the difference and the appropriate solution. If your home has been impacted by a hail storm, contact us today.
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